Gone are the days where people are making the elementary mistakes that they used to make a long time ago. Back then, people would put up websites that are plainly text and had no pictures or they would put up things, move them around and break all the links.

Those sorts of things are not so much the problem anymore because people nowadays are smarter about using platforms that provide nice templates. But the problems have evolved and some websites have been overly influenced by one type of person and the compliance to fit with accessibility has meant that visually, the website does nothing for the brand.

In this article, we are going to look at the essential things to avoid when designing your website;

Testing for one web browser only

You start writing your code, you are getting far into it, you open it up in Chrome and it looks great and then you open it up in Firefox, and it looks like crap. This is a problem that a lot of new web designers make. You need to test the web page in more than one browser to make sure that it is fully functional and your visitor gets a good experience regardless of their device.

Having outdated website

Your website looks old. The user will invariably have a very short attention span and you have a narrow window of opportunity to show them who you are and what you do. Don’t waste that opportunity to have a professionally designed website that generates profit with bad looking website.

Having Low Quality Content

Customers want to research and learn more about the products or services they are interested in before they buy. Make sure you give them information that is relevant to their needs by having high quality and professionally written content.

Website not compatible with mobile

Responsive web design helps increase visibility on search engines and enables your business to obtain a bigger audience. What this means is that, when your website doesn’t work properly on a mobile or on multiple devices, you may lose potential customers. Over 60% of the worldwide population already owned a mobile phone or iPad and your competitors have invested in responsive website design, too. Learn how to make your website responsive to outsmart your competition.